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Subscription FAQs

Q: When will my subscription start?

A: Your subscription starts immediately upon sign up. Books will begin being pulled with the next weekly release. If you sign up before Monday at 6:00 PM Central Time your first books pulled would be that Wednesday's releases. If you sign up after 6:00 pm Monday then your subscription would start with the following Wednesdays books.


Q: How often will my books ship?

A: You have the choice of Weekly or Bi-Weekly shipping. Bi-Weekly shipping goes out on the 2nd and 4th week of every month. You can make changes to your shipping options at any time to suit your needs.


Q: When am I charged for my books?

A: We only charge your card when a shipment goes out so if you chose weekly shipping your card would be charged weekly, Bi Weekly on the 2nd and 4th weeks. You must have a valid Credit/Debit card on file at all times to keep your subscription active. You can view your invoice on-line after 10:00pm on the Monday of your shipment week. Cards are charged on Tuesday or Wednesdays.


Q: Do my comics come bagged and boarded?

A: No. We can bag & board your books for .25 cents extra per book. Collectors that are condition sensitive are strongly encouraged to pick this option. Books that are not bagged & boarded can not be returned due to damage caused during shipping. Just email us your name and add in the subject line "please bag & board my books".


Q: How much is shipping?

A: There are two choices of shipping, either media mail (Book Rate) or Priority mail. We charge a flat rate for each depending on your shipping frequency.

The weekly rates are as follows (regardless of order size, effective January 1, 2018):
Weekly Standard Shipping: $6.99
Weekly Priority Shipping: $7.80

The bi-weekly rates are as follows (1 -20 titles, effective January 1, 2018):
Bi-Weekly Standard Shipping: $6.99
Bi-Weekly Priority Shipping: $8.50

These rates are subject to change at any time based on postal rate increases.


Q: How long will delivery take?

A: Media mail (Book rate) takes approximately 4-8 days for delivery after we ship your order, 10-14 days or more for Alaska, Puerto Rico and Hawaii. Priority mail is delivered in 2-3 days so you most likely would receive your books by the weekend.


Q: Do you ship internationally?

A: We ship to the United States and Canada only.


Q: How often can I make changes to my subscription?

A: Unlike other pre-order subscription services that make you order two months in advance Dreamlandcomics.com allows you to make changes to your subscription anytime you chose. You may add or subtract titles at any time. As long as they are made by 10:00am Central Time on the Monday before release the changes will take effect with that weeks Wednesday release. We can not add or remove titles that have already been released prior to your change or so if you cancel a book that already was pulled for that month the change will not take effect until the next issue comes out. We do have extra issues of most books available and you can order already released books in our on-line store.


Q: Can I add items like Graphic Novels and Toys from the Dreamlandcomics.com store to my subscription order?

A: Yes anything can be added to your subscription shipment just order the items in our on-line store and choose the in store pickup option so a shipping fee is not added to the order and also make a note in the comments section that you would like to have those items shipped with your subscription. Some larger items like statues or action figure sets can only be shipped via Priority Mail so those items would have extra shipping charges added. Pre-order items can also be shipped with your subscription when they are released.


Q: Do I need to set up separate accounts for the subscription service and the on-line store?

A: Yes you do have to log in to both the subscription service and the on-line store so you do need to set up accounts in both but the same password can be used for both accounts.


Q: What do I do if I need to cancel my subscription?

A: Just remove all the books from your pull list by 6:00 pm central time on Monday and your subscription will be stopped before that Wednesday books are pulled. We can not remove or cancel books that have already been released and pulled for you prior to cancellation so those books will still ship on your next scheduled shipment date but no more issues will be pulled after you remove all your books from the on-line pull list.


Q: What happens if I receive a damaged copy of a comic or one of my books is missing?

A: If you ever have any problems just call us at 630-372-9534 and we will correct any problems to your satisfaction.


Q: Do I have to remove canceled titles or mini-series that have ended from my pull list?

A: No we automatically delete all discontinued titles at least once a month usually at the end of each month.


Q: How do handle pulling variant covers?

A: Books that have a 50/50 two cover split are pulled randomly, but if you have two copies or more on your pull list we would pull one of each cover for you for every 2 copies ordered. Books that have ratio variants like 1 in 10 copies are offered for sale in our on-line store each week at market price. You must purchase these separately.

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